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LifeStrike is the survival tool of the future, today! With lifestrike, you'll always be prepared. Lifestike has a magnesium flit tool designed to give you unlimited strikes! Great for camping, and for general use, Never be unprepared. Lifestrike is your lifeline light source for life!


Get this.. Lifestrike even has a built in storage container for lighter fluid!  So not only will you have a forever spark for emergency fire situations but now you could have instant fire too! 


LifeStrike Has a 1-1/2" x 1-1/8" x 3/8" flint housing and a 1” striker with a small cotton wick around the end. Includes a 1/2” clip to hang it on something. A must for camping.


Includes handle, striker, fire-starter rod and cord to keep striker and starter together

Works when wet

Premium quality

Bright spark Fire Steel can be used as an emergency signal

Unlimited Strikes

 Spark Temperature: 3000°C(5432F)

Rod Dimension: 6.5*1.5mm(2.6*0.6inch)

The material of Firestarter rod: Magnesium

 *Package included: 

1 X Metal match
1 X Flint

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